The History of Scarecrow

Photo credits by Billy Montana

Scarecrow 1989

SCARECROW was founded in 1989 with original members (from left to right) Jim Harris on drums, Eddie Ojeda on guitar, John Blaze on vocals and Rickie Panzica (AKA Rick Anthony) on bass. John Blaze recalls the bands bassist Rickie saying that his voice was gruff and scratchy. Thus, the gruff sounding vocals fit the hard pounding music and the tattered image of SCARECROW was born! This shot was the first SCARECROW photo session.

The Early Photos

These early photo’s from 1989 are the first promotional shots taken by photographer Billy “The Kid” Achnitz.

Scarecrow Debut Show

In September of 1989, at their debut show, SCARECROW blew the roof off the legendary night club called Sundance on Long Island. The band was an immediate hit and the bands following and buzz started and never ended. The owner of Sundance Frank Cariola became an important part of the bands history as he believed in the band from day one.

The Live Show

SCARECROW’s live show was bigger than anyone locally ever saw. It was loud, hard, fast and contagious. The band was gaining speed and never looking back. These rare live shots were captured and the bands long time logo was instantly identifiable with the groups look and image.