The History of Scarecrow

Photo credits by Billy Montana

Sins of a Scarecrow

During the years of approx. 2003 and about 2007, John Blaze continued to take the name SCARECROW to new heights. Blaze always knew that the name SCARECROW was buried inside him. He immediately connected with the image and started to write the Gothic Rock Opera “Sins Of A Scarecrow”.

Theatrical Stage Show

At this time a new theatrical stage direction was taking place and Blaze started wearing his signature make-up. It was the evil side of the SCARECROW character that was born and lives to this day. This was the first birth of the new direction that has yet to be further developed.

I Am Scarecrow

John Blaze and SCARECROW are still blazing new trails and making new music. The latest three song sampler called “I Am SCARECROW” is bigger and better than anything that was ever done in the bands history. It features great musicians such as George Cintron on guitar (Randy Jackson, Cintron, Enrique Iglesias) John Miceli on drums (Meatloaf) and Danny Miranda on bass (Queen with Brian May and Paul Rodgers) Tracks include: “Welcome To My Mind”, “No Place Like Home” and “I Am SCARECROW”. This new direction will be the defining moments of SCARECROW and will mark the band’s name in Rock and Roll history.

SCARECROW - over 20 years and counting...........the best is yet to come!!!