The History of Scarecrow

Photo credits by Billy Montana

Debut CD Line-up

Throughout the 90’s SCARECROW continued to tour in support of the debut record. Another line-up change took place for the live performances when original founding member John Blaze and drummer Bobby Marks joined forces with guitarist T. J. Jordan and bassist Rex Lengyel. This line-up remained solid for many years performing countless shows. (from left to right: Lengyel, Marks, Jordan and Blaze)

Record Deal Number Two

Now into the late 1990’s, the direction of SCARECROW starts to change. SCARECROW lands a second record deal with Pavement Music, another independent hard rock label out of Illinois. The second release “A Touch Of Madness” is recorded in Rochester NY and once again produced by John Blaze. The sound becomes a bit more modern for the times while holding to the big choruses that the SCARECROW fans were accustomed to.

New Bass Player

The band hits the road again. Another line-up changes bass players from Rex Lengyel to David Leitner. Davis added a new dimension for a short while and was then replaced by Britny Fox bass player Billy Childs. (left to right: Jordan, Blaze, Marks and Leitner)

John Blaze

SCARECROW continued to perform and record (in various line-up combinations) as the hard rock act they were known to be from the years 1990’s to about 2005. Lead singer/frontman John Blaze ventured into solo projects during this time as well working with artists such as Denero, Tony MacAlpine, Dee Snider’s Van Helsings Curse, Swift Kick, Arabia and Suicide Bride and under the producer directions of Rick Kerr and the legendary Jack Douglas and Eddie Kramer.