The History of Scarecrow

Photo credits by Billy Montana

First Line-up Change

Following a series of shows and recording music from 1989 to 1991, SCARECROW continues their momentum and elects to add a second guitarist Jimmy Quinn. A huge turnout in NJ on April 22nd 1990 marked another chapter in the pages of the SCARECROW history books. (left to right - Quinn, Panzica, Blaze, Ojeda and Harris)

The Next Line-up

SCARECROW continues to record and tour as much as possible during the early 90’s. In its first of many line-up changes, drummer Jim Harris leaves and Bobby Marks lands the role. About this time Eddie Ojeda returns to the Twisted Sister spotlight and SCARECROW continues on with one guitarist Jimmy Quinn. From left to right are Marks, Panzica, Blaze and Quinn.

The New Line-up Continues

This line-up with Marks and Quinn, joining Blaze and Panzica, rocked the clubs hard and was a solid heavy metal act.

Scarecrow Debut CD

As the 1990’s progressed, SCARECROW landed its’ first record deal with Redlight Records out of Illinois. This debut CD and cassette release, produced by John Blaze,  featured 10 bombastic hard rock tracks that the critics loved. (See press section for reviews) The album had it all from the signature ballad “Runaway Renee” to the most popular track “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter”. The album was released domestically as well as overseas and all the way to Japan. It featured mostly all the guys playing from the beginning including Eddie Ojeda.