I Am ScarecrowThere have been many bands who have tried to capture the essence of their music while branding themselves SCARECROW. No band to this day has been able to achieve this task other than the original SCARECROW out of New York. This website is the only official documentation of this hard rock band that has had such a strong presence in the music community since 1989. Over 20 years later, remaining founder, writer, producer and frontman JOHN BLAZE sets the record straight.

SCARECROW is alive and well going into 2014 and beyond. This website welcomes our new friends and and thanks our loyal following from the early days. SCARECROW's fan base still runs strong from LA to NY domestically and then from the UK & Germany to Japan overseas. With past record releases in all of these countries, the original SCARECROW out of New York  remains the only official hard rock act on the planet worthy of the name.

SCARECROW, welcome to our world!

SCARECROW was founded in 1989 with original members (from left to right) Jim Harris on drums, Eddie Ojeda on guitar, John Blaze on vocals and Rickie Panzica (AKA Rick Anthony) on bass. John Blaze recalls the bands bassist Rickie saying that his voice was gruff and scratchy. Thus, the gruff sounding vocals fit the hard pounding music and the tattered image of SCARECROW was born! These early photo’s are the first promotional shots taken by photographer Billy “The Kid” Achnitz.

In September of 1989, at their debut show, SCARECROW blew the roof off the legendary night club called Sundance on Long Island. The band was an immediate hit and the bands following and buzz started and never ended. The owner of Sundance Frank Cariola became an important part of the bands history as he believed in the band from day one.

SCARECROW’s live show was bigger than anyone locally ever saw. It was loud, hard, fast and contagious. The band was gaining speed and never looking back. These rare live shots were captured and the bands long time logo was instantly identifiable with the groups look and image.

Following a series of shows and recording music from 1989 to 1991, SCARECROW continues moments and elects to add a second guitarist Jimmy Quinn. A huge turnout in NJ on April 22nd 1990 marked another chapter in the pages of the SCARECROW history books. (left to right - Quinn, Panzica, Blaze, Ojeda and Harris)

SCARECROW continues to record and tour as much as possible during the early 90’s. In its first of many lineup changes, drummer Jim Harris leaves and Bobby Marks lands the role. About this time Eddie Ojeda returns to the Twisted Sister spotlight and SCARECROW continues on with one guitarist Jimmy Quinn. In these two new promo shots, from left to right are Marks, Panzica, Blaze and Quinn.

As the 1990’s progressed, SCARECROW landed it’s first record deal with Redlight Records out of Illinois. This debut CD and cassette release featured 10 bombastic hard rock tracks that the critics loved. (See press kit section for reviews) The album had it all from the signature ballad “Runaway Renee” to the most popular track “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter”. The album was released domestically as well as overseas and all the way to Japan. It featured mostly all the guys playing from the beginning including Eddie Ojeda.

Throughout the 90’s SCARECROW continued to tour in support of the debut record. Another lineup change took place for the live performances when original founding member John Blaze and drummer Bobby Marks joined forces with guitarist T. J. Jordan and bassist Rex Lengyel. This lineup remained solid for many years performing countless shows. (from left to right: Lengyel, Marks, Jordan and Blaze)

Now into the late 1990’s, the direction of SCARECROW starts to change. SCARECROW lands a second record deal with Pavement Music, another independent hard rock label out of Illinois. The second release “A Touch Of Madness” is recorded in Rochester NY and once again produced by John Blaze. The sound becomes a bit more modern for the times while holding to the big choruses that the SCARECROW fans were accustomed to.

The band hits the road again. Another lineup changes bass players from Rex Lengyel to David Leitner. Davis added a new dimension for a short while and was then replaced by Britny Fox bass player Billy Childs. (left to right: Jordan, Blaze, Marks and Leitner)

SCARECROW continued to perform and record (in various lineup combinations) as the hard rock act they were known to be from the years 1990’s to about 2005. John Blaze ventured into solo projects during this time as well working with artists such as Denero, Tony MacAlpine, Dee Snider’s Van Helsings Curse, Swift Kick, Arabia and Suicide Bride and under the producer directions of Rick Kerr and the legendary Jack Douglas and Eddie Kramer.

During the years of approx. 2003 and about 2007, John Blaze continued to take the name SCARECROW to new heights. Blaze always knew that the name SCARECROW was buried inside him. He immediately connected with the image and started to write the Gothic Rock Opera “Sins Of A Scarecrow”. At this time a new theatrical stage direction was taking place and Blaze started wearing his signature make-up. It was the evil side of the SCARECROW character that was born and lives to this day. This was the first birth of the new direction that has yet to be further developed.

John Blaze and SCARECROW are still blazing new trails and making new music. The latest three song sampler called “I Am SCARECROW” is bigger and better than anything that was ever done in the bands history. It features great musicians such as George Cintron on guitar (Randy Jackson, Cintron, Enrique Iglesias) John Miceli on drums (Meatloaf) and Danny Miranda on bass (Queen with Brian May and Paul Rodgers) Tracks include: “Welcome To My Mind”, “No Place Like Home” and “I Am SCARECROW”. This new direction will be the defining moments of SCARECROW and will mark the bands name in Rock and Roll history.

SCARECROW - over 20 years and counting...........the best is yet to come!!!

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