I Am ScarecrowThere have been many bands who have tried to capture the essence of their music while branding themselves SCARECROW. No band to this day has been able to achieve this task other than the original SCARECROW out of New York. This website is the only official documentation of this hard rock band that has had such a strong presence in the music community since 1989. Over 20 years later, remaining founder, writer, producer and frontman JOHN BLAZE sets the record straight.

SCARECROW is alive and well going into 2014 and beyond. This website welcomes our new friends and and thanks our loyal following from the early days. SCARECROW's fan base still runs strong from LA to NY domestically and then from the UK & Germany to Japan overseas. With past record releases in all of these countries, the original SCARECROW out of New York  remains the only official hard rock act on the planet worthy of the name.

SCARECROW, welcome to our world!