Scarecrow - Blood, Sweat and 20 YearsIn celebration of 20 years of hard rockin' music from Scarecrow, Spectra Records is releasing a true "Best Of" collection of Scarecrow's music. It's been 20 years since the birth of Scarecrow and what better way to celebrate it's history than to release 14 killer tracks. The long awaited CD will have 11 re-released songs as well as 3 new theatrically produced tracks sure to blow you away. Live shows are being planned to support the release with a rockin' new line-up that will make the music industry take notice once again.

Founding member John Blaze quotes: "It's been a long and rewarding journey for Scarecrow. I've had the great pleasure to write, record, produce and perform over these 20 years with Scarecrow. There have been some truly amazing musicians and band mates that have contributed to the sound of Scarecrow. This release is to celebrate everyone's efforts and to thank the loyal fans who have supported the band over the years. Look forward to seeing everyone soon".

Available on Spectra Records: Blood, Sweat and 20 Years will make music history and re-ignite the Rock N' Roll flame that has always burned bright!